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Canadians are accustomed to receiving NOA from CRA confirming income tax filing, IRS doesn't do

As IRS doesn’t issue NOA like CRA does, a Canadian who filed with IRS should call the IRS to follow up on the tax (and/or other) return processing, first giving IRS 6 weeks; contact the IRS 6:00 am to 11:00 pm (EST) M-F by telephone listed at at One can obtain a transcript from IRS (or engage us to do so - we use IRS taxpros service along with a POA from taxpayer) but note that IRS won’t have a transcript on their system until after they’ve received and processed the return. For more details, see


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[CAUTION TO APPLICANTS: do not use any CAA who doesn’t require seeing your actual passport as that’s an IRS violation that disqualifies an ITIN application.] IRS requires that the CAA agent mail the W