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How to get back withholding tax from IRS (and not pay extra prep fees if you own US property rental)

Do you have any other USA source income or tax withholding in the current year? Has a US payer, such as a casino, a bank or financial institution withheld tax on payments to you (such as interest, dividends or winnings and possibly issued you a Form 1042-S or Form 1099)? In many cases the US payer over-withholds because you’re often entitled to a treaty benefit of a lower tax rate

You can claim a refund of that over-withholding on a tax return (our office prepares such returns).

You're in the above situation and you're already annually filing a US return to report US property rental income/loss or sale income/loss? Combine your reporting onto the same return as your rental income return. (our office prepares such returns)

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