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Social Security Administration - FOREIGN ENFORCEMENT QUESTIONNAIRE & don't let this horror s


The Social Security Administration contacts beneficiaries outside the United States annually or biennially to verify their current status if they have a foreign address on record. The purpose of the FEQ is to determine if benefits should be deducted, suspended, or terminated.

  • SSNs ending in 00-49 are sent questionnaires in even numbered years (e.g. 2014, 2016, 2018)

  • SSNs ending in 50-99 are sent questionnaires in odd numbered years (e.g. 2015, 2017, 2019)

  • SSA-7162is for beneficiaries who are their own rep payee.

  • SSA-7161is for beneficiaries who have a rep payee. The rep payee is responsible for completing it.

IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED THIS DOCUMENT IN YOUR RESIDENCE BY NOVEMBER of your corresponding year, please print out form SSA-7162 or SSA-7161 (depending on which form applies to your case)

If your benefits are interrupted for failure to return the questionnaire, it may take SSA 45-days or longer to resume your payments.

To avoid having your benefits being suspended or if your benefits have been suspended because you didn’t file the FEQ, at US Embassy website offering this service:

  • Print the form SSA-7162or SSA-7161 (depending on which form applies to your case)

  • Include your name, address, telephone and social security number

  • Fill it out in the computer, answer the questions, print it, sign and date the form.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the questionnaire, contact your nearest US embassy, such as this one for Toronto: for American Citizen Service inquiries

When you e-mail, please include your full name, last four digits of the social security number receive benefits on, and two telephone numbers where they can reach you and a brief description of your inquiry.

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