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Speak IRS Language when writing a return or form address for IRS

The IRS system records all address words in capital case letters. It uses abbreviations, here is an example:

Abbreviate directional names such as North, South, East, and West

Use the following directional abbreviations:

  • Abbreviate North, South, East, and West as N, S, E, and W

  • Abbreviate Northeast and Northwest as NE and NW

  • Abbreviate Southeast and Southwest as SE and SW


  • Enter 123 North Green Street as 123 N Green St

  • Enter 123 North Green Street Southwest as 123 N Green St SW

Abbreviate Road, Street, Drive, Avenue, etc.


  • Enter 123 Green Street as 123 Green St

  • Enter 123 South Green Road as 123 S Green Rd

  • Enter 123 Green Drive Northwest as 123 Green Dr NW

  • Enter 123 Green Avenue as 123 Green Ave

  • Enter 123 Green Lane as 123 Green Ln

  • Enter 123 E Street as 123 E St

Entering Post Office Boxes

Enter as PO Box


  • Enter Post Office Box 123 as PO Box 123

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