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Form to request Canadian certified passport copy to provide to IRS for ITIN Form W-7 application

See attached REQUEST FOR CERTIFIED TRUE COPY OF CANADIAN TRAVEL DOCUMENT pptc516-eng, the form to request. from the issuing agency, a Canadian certified passport copy (sample attached with photo deleted

) to provide to IRS for ITIN Form W-7 application to evidence foreign status and identity.

It can take 10 days to receive from Passport Canada office. If you have imminent travel concerns in not relinquishing your Passport to a Passport Canada office for 10 days, you’ll need to track down a passport office that can do it quicker (many clients have successfully done this, especially with more rural offices). Passport office charges $45 per certification and provides three copies. You need only one copy for IRS, which copy IRS mails back to you with ITIN letter.

There are alternative options to prove foreign status and identity if you don’t have an unexpired passport or don’t wish to relinquish it but those will require at least two documents as a passport is the only stand-alone option.

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