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Need a US State driver’s license number to file a US federal or state return?

Does a Canadian or American need a driver’s license number to file an IRS 1040 or state income tax return?

For Canadians while the underlying reason for needing one is moot in most cases, the tax preparation software is foremost designed with American taxpayers in mind. Thus, tax software will ask in the general profile set-up for a driver’s license number and will require that input if it is requested by a state in which a taxpayer is filing a return. Thus, in many cases, the way to make the e-file process the simplest in preventing e-file rejection errors and making the e-file set-up easier, is to provide one’s Canadian (or foreign country) driver’s license including the license number and dates of issuance and expiry.

In an effort to better protect you from identity thieves, some states will be trying new approaches. Some states may ask for additional identification information, such as your driver’s license number, when you are preparing your state tax return. This will be another layer of protection because identity thieves may already have your name and Social Security number, but perhaps not your driver’s license number.

One does not per se need a driver’s license number to file a federal return. Some states may request a driver’s license number for state tax returns because they have the ability to match state records and help confirm your identity (N/A to Canadians). This is one more layer of protection against identity thieves.

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